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A brush with holiness

Every now and then we get a brush with fame. Someone different to us who is in a league of their own. They might be royalty, a world leader, sports celebrity, actor, or someone who has excelled in their field. Being in their presence is so special because they are so different to us.

But really, that brush with fame doesn’t change much for us. For a moment it’s exciting, but then life goes back to normal for us.

Isaiah has a brush with ‘someone’ special in chapter 6 of his vision: the LORD Almighty, the one who is holy, holy, holy.

His encounter with God changes everything for ever. Because coming into the presence of the holy God shows us who we really are: unclean sinners.

In fact, it’s fair to say the truly ‘spiritual person’ is the one who has met God and so is aware of their sin. They humbly accept His offer of forgiveness in Jesus, and want to serve Him all their days.

Have you had that encounter with God yet?

In Christ, Tory.