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Don’t play with sin!

A Youtube™ video shows a couple playing with a lion. Apparently, the lion was hand-raised and so is ‘tame’. The man has the lion on a chain, but while playing the lion pounces on the woman and mauls her. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

It seems like absolute folly to play with a lion. Lions will be lions and will kill humans.

Yet, so often we fail to see it as absolute folly to play with sin. Sin will be sin, and will kill.

In Proverbs 5–9, the father warns his son to not even go near the door of the adulterous woman. She will lead to the grave.

The graphic image he gives helps us understand the appeal and lure of all sin, not just adultery. It seduces and offers much, but is an empty promise. It ruins.

In the Cross of Christ, God shows us the power of sin. We are no match; only Jesus could kill it for us. Let’s not play with sin but turn to Christ; hiding from it in him.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


A brush with holiness

Every now and then we get a brush with fame. Someone different to us who is in a league of their own. They might be royalty, a world leader, sports celebrity, actor, or someone who has excelled in their field. Being in their presence is so special because they are so different to us.

But really, that brush with fame doesn’t change much for us. For a moment it’s exciting, but then life goes back to normal for us.

Isaiah has a brush with ‘someone’ special in chapter 6 of his vision: the LORD Almighty, the one who is holy, holy, holy.

His encounter with God changes everything for ever. Because coming into the presence of the holy God shows us who we really are: unclean sinners.

In fact, it’s fair to say the truly ‘spiritual person’ is the one who has met God and so is aware of their sin. They humbly accept His offer of forgiveness in Jesus, and want to serve Him all their days.

Have you had that encounter with God yet?

In Christ, Tory.

Alive in Christ

Have you been asked, or wondered yourself, ‘If salvation is a free gift from God, and so how good we are makes no difference to our standing with God… wouldn’t that mean Christians have no reason to do good, and so can even live sinful lives?!’

In fact, Roman Catholicism has made this criticism of Protestants since the Reformation.

In Romans 6:1–23, the Apostle Paul says: ‘NO!’

When Jesus died on the Cross, our old life of sin was put to death. When He rose to new life, our new life of righteousness began.

We were united with him in his death and resurrection. We are no longer slaves to sin, but have been set free to serve Jesus. And so the grace of God in Jesus is what enables us to live holy lives of righteousness…. not to save us, but because we are saved from sin and death!

It would make no sense to go back to our old way of living, for now we are alive in Christ.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.

God’s offer to pass over

Most Australians find it easier talking about politics, sex, or death than God’s judgment. It’s a taboo topic.

In Exodus Chapter 12, we can’t escape it. God passed through Egypt with destructive judgment – it’s a night that ought to send shivers down your spine.

On that night in Egypt (1300 BC) the only hope of God ‘passing over’ was taking shelter under the blood of a lamb painted on your doorframe.

It’s frightening to know that this horrible night points to something worse that is to come…

In our honest moments, we know we don’t treat God how we ought. And when we are not having those ‘honest moments’, God says in Romans 3:23 ‘All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’

God has set a date when he will judge all rebellion and sin in his world with everlasting destruction. We don’t know when that day is, but we are promised it will happen. That’s the bad news of the Bible.

The good news is that God offers to pass over people who take shelter under the blood of the Lamb of God – Jesus Christ who died on the Cross.

The only way to escape judgment for our sin is under the blood of God’s Son. It’s not about being good or trying your hardest, or baptised, or religious, or spiritual… it’s about if you are taking shelter under the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.

Our message must be: ‘Please, take shelter under the blood of the Lamb of God!’

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.