God is the Son

The unthinkable has happened. In fact, it is the central belief of Christianity. It’s what puts the Christ into Christ-ianity, the Christ into Christ-mas. God entered our world as his son Jesus the Christ.

The central claim of Christianity is that Jesus is fully God and fully human. While that is hard for us to comprehend, it is the wonderfully good news of Christianity.

You see, if Jesus was not fully God he could not reveal God to us. We would be still in the dark. But now the true light has shone (John 1:9).

If Jesus were not God he could not save us. To atone for our sins he had to be perfect without sin.

To stand in our place Jesus had to be fully human in every way (Hebrews 2:17). If he were not fully human he could not have taken the complete wrath of God for the sin of humanity.

My prayer is that this Christmas we will delight in who Jesus is: the incarnate eternal Son of the Father. It’s easy to be ho-hum about Christmas, or lose sight of the joy that God came into our world as one of us so that we can know him and come back to him. Let me encourage you to read prayerfully the Bible passages about who Jesus is from today’s sermon.

Let’s pray for our district to know how good Christmas really is and that we have good reason to celebrate the Christ of Christ-mas: the eternal Son of the Father.

In Christ, Tory.

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