God the Father

The scandalous claim of Christianity is that we can know God. We have inside knowledge. That’s because God is Triune: three persons in one being.

You see, God’s character is personal and he wants to be known. He speaks and communicates. God sent his Son to earth so that we can know him.

While it might sound arrogant to claim we can know God, the Son bridges the gap between God and humanity. That’s the joy of Christmas: Jesus was born fully God and fully man.

So what did the Son reveal?

God is the Father.

That’s not an abstract label. It’s who he is. Father.

Now the guessing games are over. In fact, if we reject what the Son tells us we reject God.

Let’s pray that more people in our district come to know God the Father through his Son Jesus.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.

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