Monthly Archives: October 2018

Happy Reformation Sunday!

The Christian life is one of constant change. God’s goal for us is to conform (change!) us to the image of his Son Jesus. What a glorious privilege that is.

Today we celebrate Reformation Sunday. 501 years ago the Reformers first protested that the church had strayed from the Word of God and lost the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Reformation didn’t only happen 501 years ago. We need to be continually reforming as we go to the Bible asking…. are we still proclaiming the one true gospel of grace? What do we need to change in our personal lives, and church life, that is not consistent with the Bible?

My prayer is that we’ll keep meeting together to help each other read and obey the Bible, to have the privilege of seeing one another change to be like Jesus, and to encourage each other to daily reformation through the power of the gospel.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.