Monthly Archives: October 2017

Happy 500th!

It’s rare to celebrate a 500th anniversary.

Five hundred years ago (31/10/1517), Martin Luther nailed his protest (95 Theses) against the Roman Catholic Church, calling it to return to the true gospel of the Bible, on the door of Castle Church, Wittenberg, Germany.

Sadly, over many centuries, the church had turned the good news of salvation through the righteousness of Jesus Christ into bad news: we must earn our salvation through good works and religious deeds (like penances and indulgences).

Right across Europe, Reformers protested against the Roman Church. The Reformers put their lives on the line to restore the good news to the church.

These gospel protests have come down to us as: salvation is according to Scripture alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, for the glory of God alone.

Let’s celebrate and give thanks for the gospel, and the many who died for us to know the gospel! Let’s still pray for the reformation of the Roman Catholic church that she too may find the good news of salvation by grace alone through Christ alone.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.