National Church Life Survey Results

Here are the results for the National Church Life Survey of Walgett Collarenebri. Please click here for the summary (8 pages): NCLSSummaryProfile2016-ANH018 Or click here for the full profile: NCLSChurchLifeProfile2016-ANH018

There is much to celebrate and thank God for. Give thanks for God’s provision. Give thanks for the things we value: the Word of God, sacraments, reaching outsiders, and praying for one another. Give thanks for the gifts God gives. Give thanks that 52% of our people experienced growth in faith, and that 52% of our people are praying and reading the Bible every day. It’s also encouraging that people feel like they belong and that newcomers have made friends, and to see people are engaged with the community in many different ways.

It’s great to see what we need to work on too. For example, a clearer vision or idea of where we are heading. We also obviously need to be talking about our spiritual gifts and how we can use them to build the church of God in our district.

I look forward to seeing how we can use these results!


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