A hill worth dying on?

‘Is this a hill worth dying on?’

Is the issue at stake worth us putting our effort into, possibly at great cost, even death?

An issue always worth fighting for is the gospel of grace. And so, in Acts 16, we see the church fight a threat to grace: does a Gentile Christian need circumcision to be saved?

Peter says, ‘No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.’

Any demand – apart from trust in Jesus – is a hindrance to salvation, since it requires something other than trust in the grace of our Lord Jesus.

As the people of God we must be aware of any teaching or practice contrary to the grace of God, lest we make it difficult for people to turn to God and be saved. Grace is always a hill worth dying on, besides… God thought it was a hill worth dying for 2000 years ago on the Cross, on a hill called Calvary.

In Christ, Tory.



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