Practice and preparation

It’s easy to forget that the world’s best sports people have spent a lifetime preparing and practicing (the only exception being Nick Kyrgios, apparently!). The musicians who entertain us make many sacrifices to get so good. The tradesmen who serve us have trained. Your GP is always undergoing professional development for our health’s sake. Our teachers come back soon for professional development to start the year.

Preparing and practicing is needed for all things we do.

And so how much more ought we Christians prepare and practice to share Jesus with others?

In Acts 1:8, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit will empower us to share Jesus. Take confidence in this!

But even then we know that Paul the Apostle spent 14 years preparing and practicing before he proclaimed Jesus (Galatians 1:21–2:2). As we hear him proclaim Jesus in Acts 14 remember his preparation and practice.

How will you prepare and practice to proclaim Jesus as the risen Lord and Saviour in 2017?

In Christ, Tory.


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