Witnessing to Jesus

As we follow the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth, we can learn much from Acts 13.

When asked by non-believers to share the Christian message, Paul starts with the common ground of shared beliefs. He knew they were Jews and so retells the history of salvation that begins with Israel and shows how Jesus fulfils that history.

What common ground or shared beliefs do your friends and family have that can be a starting point for sharing the good news of Jesus?

Do they believe we were created? Do they believe that things are messed up in the world? Do they hope for something more than this life and world?

If so, these common beliefs might provide opportunities to show how Jesus is the saviour.

The more familiar we are with God’s plan of salvation in the Bible, the more easily we will be able to lead our friends and family to Jesus Christ.

The other thing Paul does is show how Jesus beats what they are currently trusting in. In verse 39, he shows how much better Jesus is than the law of Moses… through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin. Perhaps we can lovingly show people how Jesus beats anything this world can offer.

In Christ, Tory.


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