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The Prince of Peace

What does the Christmas wish of ‘peace and joy’ mean?

To many it might seem wishful thinking at best. Many live in war, terror, and fear of economic disaster.

It has become a ritual that families come together for Christmas. Sadly, for many it’s a veneer of ‘peace and joy’ that covers disappointment and hurt.

When God first promised a Prince of Peace, establishing justice and righteousness with no end (Isaiah 9:6–7), the people lived in distress and darkness. The Assyrian empire were invading, from the north.

And 722 years later, when Jesus Christ did come, he entered a world of oppression and brokenness. In those same northern parts of Israel Jesus began his public ministry proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 4).

Many throughout the world have given their life to the Prince of Peace knowing he does provide truth, certainty, and peace while transforming lives out of dark times.

Let’s encourage each other to set our hope fully in Jesus the Prince of Peace this Christmas!