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Christmas Service Times

christmas-services-2016We hope you can join us this Christmas to celebrate the peace God gives in his Son Jesus.

9.30am Friday 23 December, St Mark’s Anglican Church Rowena, Shaw St. Rowena.
7.30pm Friday 23 December, Cryon Church,  phone 6828 1590 for location close to date.
7pm Saturday 24 December, St John’s Anglican Church Collarenebri.
9am Sunday 25 December, St Peter’s Anglican Church Walgett.

All are welcome to Christmas services, and all will be family friendly for kids.

The word that sustains the weary

It’s easy to feel ‘The Lord has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.’

That’s how the people of Israel felt exiled in Babylon, 539 BC (Isaiah 49:14). God gives comfort and strength to his weary saints. In Isaiah 49–50, the Servant speaks to us. The Servant is the one God will pull from his quiver and shoot like a polished arrow to restore His creation. The people of God, and his creation, will no longer be under spiritual oppression.

In chapter 50 verse 4, the Servant says: ‘The Sovereign LORD has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He awakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.’

The Word of God is comfort for weary saints. His word sustains us until we get home to the new creation.

You might have heard of Derek Redmond. He ran the 400m at the Barcelona Olympics, 1996. Not long into the race he clutched his right leg and came tumbling down. While it looked like his race was over, from the grandstands came running a man. Olympic officials tried to stop the man from touching Derek, but he simply battled them off. He wrapped his arms around him; arm in arm they walked on. It was Derek’s Dad, there was no way anyone would stop him from helping his son finish the race. They finished together, arm in arm they got home.

God’s Servant Jesus is the one who sustains us and carries us to the end of our race, heaven in the new creation.

This week lets receive his sustaining word as we read the Bible relying on Him, arm in arm. And let’s pray for one person each day this week who needs to receive the salvation of the Servant.

In Christ,


Flee Babylon!

One of the biggest challenges to the Christian is living with a foot in both worlds. ‘Being in the world, but not of the world.’

God’s people Israel struggled similarly when exiled in Babylon. They took on the gods of the people living around them. God warned them to flee from Babylon, for she will be destroyed.

How do we know when we have taken on the gods and idols of this world?

In his book Counterfeit Gods: When the Empty Promises of Love, Money and Power Let You Down, Tim Keller asks:

  1. Where does your mind drift when nothing demands your attention? What do you keep thinking about to get joy and comfort?
  2. How do you spend your money? (see Matt 6:21)
  3. What are you really living for? What gets you through each day like a mini-saviour? What makes you angry or despair when you don’t get it?
  4. Look at your most uncontrollable emotions. Perhaps your anger, despair or guilt. Are they there because something is too important in your life?

These questions help us see things of this world that have taken the place of God. There is no peace or salvation for the godless. Let’s encourage one another to give our allegiance to God and remember our home is the Holy City heaven.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.

Pray for the Persecuted Church

Today we stop to pray for persecuted Christians. In many parts of the world it is illegal to meet as Christians.

Pray for strength and endurance for believers who face persecution. Ask that God would continue to reveal himself and bring many to faith in Jesus. Ask that persecuted Christians would have access to the Bible in their own language.

From Isaiah 44, pray that our persecuted brothers and sisters would keep their eyes on the LORD Almighty, who is the first and the last, apart from him there is no God, the one who is the Rock, and that they not bow their knee to any other god or idol to save them.

Pray for underground and house churches, who risk everything to meet together. Ask that God would raise up pastors to teach and equip their churches. Ask that we – the church in Australia – stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Pray for revival in the hardest places for Christians: North Korea, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Syria.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.