Being the gospel church

Today we reach the end of Romans – after 2 years!

When we read the last chapter, we realise this is actually just the beginning. As the Apostle Paul writes his final greetings to the church in Rome – we meet a church shaped by the gospel.

We hear names that reflect a church of diverse people; people from all walks of life. The gospel of Jesus is bringing together all people.

We see people meeting together in houses. Church isn’t somewhere we go, it’s something we be.

And we experience relationships of love as people live the gospel together, devoted to one another for the sake of the Lord Jesus.

Being the gospel church is only possible by the grace of God. It’s only possible by prayerfully depending on God to live this way; and it’s only possible with each other – this requires a family devoted to each other.

Will you pray for this in our lives?

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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