You are not your sexuality

‘Christians are to blame for gay teenagers killing themselves,’ we’ve heard in the media. This is why many people don’t want a plebiscite for same-sex marriage. And, if it’s having this effect, many Christians begin to change their view on homosexuality.

In response, we must acknowledge the tragedy of youth suicide because of sexuality. And we Christians have to acknowledge we haven’t always shown the love of Christ when speaking about homosexuality. Let’s work harder to be loving to all people.

However, it is a tragedy that our world preaches ‘you are your sexuality’ and so you must be sexually fulfilled to be human. Identity is sexuality.

To build your identity on sexuality is like building a two-storey house with balsa wood – it can’t support the weight of life. Maybe our world is more responsible for gay teenage suicides than it wants to admit?!

The gospel is the good news that all our happiness is not dependant on our sexuality. Wholeness comes from knowing and being reconciled to the Father through Jesus.

Today we hear from Sam Allberry as he shares his story about being a same-sex attracted Christian (

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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