Same-Sex Marriage: Let’s talk equality!

The argument for same-sex marriage has cleverly been called ‘marriage equality’. But is this really about equality?

We need to listen to and recognise that same-sex couples ask for recognition, acceptance, and belonging. These are perfectly good and understandable human concerns. And marriage does make a relationship official and recorded in history.

However, I don’t think marriage is the answer.

Let’s talk about civil unions and a ‘Relationships Register’ at government level to recognise and record relationships of any description using a wedding service of any form.

The problem with arguing same-sex marriage is about marriage equality, is that it fails to recognise that there are other relationships restricted from marriage. For example, polygamous, polyamorous, or even underage or incestuous relationships.

Further, it fails to recognise the equal rights of a child to be nurtured by their father and mother.

These are issues we need to be talking about in the debate… if this is really about equality.

Even more, let’s be talking about the recognition, acceptance, and peace Jesus offers. Only he can give what our world seeks. God equally invites all to the foot of the Cross.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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