Pray for Malaita

How quickly our plans can be changed! A group from our Diocese (including me) were set to go to the Solomon Islands this weekend to run a clergy training conference.

A senior clergyman of the Diocese of Malaita has been accused of sexual misconduct with a married woman, and so Bishop Sam has asked that we not come while the allegations are being investigated. It seems this year our partnership will be one of prayer; and so please join in asking:

That God would use these recent events to grow his church in obedience, purity, love, and truth;

That there would be genuine repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation;

For Bishop Sam (and the Council of Bishops) to be wise and prayerful through the investigation;

The good news of Jesus would make deep and lasting change in the life of all Christians in Malaita, so that they shine like light to the onlooking world;

That God would equip and encourage the clergy and church leaders by other means in 2016;

That we would be especially prayerful in our partnership in 2016, and that the training team can return to Malaita in 2017.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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