‘I forgive you’

It’s not often I get put on the front page of a newspaper. I still feel uneasy about the time I did.

Our church office in Tamworth had been burgled, for the fourth time in a month. I spent a Friday night cleaning up the glass and blood where the offender had smashed their way in.

When the media reporters came, they all asked: ‘Would you forgive the person who did this?’

‘Of course,’ was my immediate answer. Funnily, my sermon that weekend was on the Good Samaritan, so I was quicker to compassion than usual!!!

But the front page of the newspaper read:

I forgive you! Says Tamworth Anglican minister

Is that true? Can I forgive someone who hasn’t repented for their wrongdoing? Can I forgive someone I don’t even know?

…or was I just willing to offer forgiveness?

I’m looking forward to exploring the place of repentance in forgiveness today from God’s Word.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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