The Greatest Comeback

Everyone loves a comeback.

The sporting team, the race horse, the singer or band, the terminally ill person, even the politician… who against all odds comes back to win.

The name Lazarus is synonymous with comebacks. He was dead for four days but against all odds came back to life. It was nothing he did … after all, what can a dead man do!? It was all Jesus.

Jesus raised him back to life as a sign that he truly is the Son of God who has power over death.

Jesus did this as a sign also pointing to an even greater comeback. On that first Easter in A.D. 33, Jesus was nailed to the Cross for the sins of the world and three days later (against all odds!) came back to life.

In doing this Jesus showed he is the resurrection and the life. In him is a new order and reality to life. His resurrection begun the Last Days; now life is all about serving the risen Lord Jesus. Do you believe this?

In Christ,



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