Believing is obeying is living

Lately, I asked Nate how they do Bible study in Mozambique. This was to get ideas for teaching the Solomon Islanders to read the Bible at our Clergy Conference in May. Nate shared:

1.Simplicity: Go for 4–6 verses, and go deep. Ask each participant to say something they have learnt.

2.Repetition: Read the passage in every language present in the group. Read the passage at least 3 times before asking people to contribute. Verse by verse, take turns restating in your own words.

3.Teaching forwarded with accountability: Challenge the participants to share what they have learnt with someone today, and ask how it went when you next meet.

4.Prayer: Pray about what you have learnt.

I found this helpful for my own Bible reading… is there something you can learn from this?

Today in John 4:43–54 I pray we see the need to take Jesus at his word and obey. Because believing Jesus is obeying him, that is eternal living! Let’s be praying that – whatever language we are reading the Bible in – we obey so that we might have eternal life.

In Christ, Tory.


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