Are you thirsty?

One of the most basic human cravings is thirst.

Thirst for water is a regular part of life for many in the world. Only once have I been so thirsty I’ve feared for my life… that was bushwalking up a mountain in Tasmania that was higher and drier than we thought! But going to the well each day was a matter of survival for the Samaritan woman Jesus met, recorded in John 4.

Jesus offered living water to her so she would never thirst again.

Of course, the living water he speaks of is eternal life… Life with God that satisfies our deep thirst for intimate relationship, meaning, purpose, belonging, and certainty for the future. Without this we die.

Jesus is still the only thirst-quencher in our world today. And so let’s pray that we drink deep from him, and can lead others to him for eternal life.

In Christ, Tory.


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