Suck it in and enjoy the view!

I loved 4-day bushwalks that included at least one large mountain (note the past tense, sadly!) The thrill and photos from the top were spectacular.

But the only way to get there was regular stops to ‘Suck it in and enjoy the view!’ That was code for: ‘I’m so unfit I need to stop to suck in some deep breaths, and look around to enjoy the views… to remind me why I’m climbing this big mountain!’

Isaiah tells us to ‘Suck it in!’ on our Christian walk.

He tells us to strengthen our feeble hands, steady the knees, be strong, do not fear, and look forward to when God comes to save you (Isaiah 35:3–4). He goes on to give a beautiful picture of when the redeemed will finally walk into heaven singing with everlasting joy and gladness, to be with God.

We need to regularly pause to ‘suck it in and enjoy the view’ of heaven where we are heading.

Let’s keep meeting to help each other take a deep breath, look to heaven, and keep on the Way. Let’s suck in Isaiah 35 and enjoy the view, and on we go!

In Christ, Tory.


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