God’s strange work

Most of us feel uneasy at God’s judgment that we read about each week in Isaiah’s prophesy. It can be confusing and unsettling that our loving and gracious God could judge his own people so harshly.

We prefer when God rescues his people, as He did through David at Mount Perazim (2 Samuel 5) and miraculously through hailstorms at the Valley of Gibeon (Joshua 10:11).

In Isaiah 28:21, God tells us He doesn’t enjoy using harsh judgment… it’s strange and alien to Him.

He gives us a parable to explain what He does:

A farmer varies his methods depending on the crop and season… sometimes he ploughs, levels, sows, cares, or harvests (Isaiah 28:24–28).

In the same way, God changes His ways. He is not haphazard, indecisive, or split-personality; He is working according to his wonderful plan and his magnificent wisdom (Isaiah 28:29).

God judges with a heavy heart, it is strange to him. But he does it with an eye to the future. In God’s plan there is a time for judgment and so God won’t continue his strange work forever. There is hope through judgment.

While we don’t always understand why God does what He does, it’s great to know He is working to a wonderful plan and that His wisdom is magnificent. We’re in good hands, in a wonderful plan!

This (God’s strange work of judgment) is what couldn’t fit in today’s sermon, and so don’t forget to read God’s plan from the rest of Isaiah 28… or listen to the talk at ‘Bible talks’ above.

In Christ, Tory.


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