From sin to singing

The Song of Praise in Isaiah 12 describes an individual moving from fear to trust, God’s anger to God’s comfort, from sin to singing (to quote from ‘Isaiah: Surprising Salvation, Kirk Patston, Reading the Bible Today Series, 2010’). The LORD is celebrated as strength, song, and salvation.

Song is the combination of words and truth and channeled emotion that gives wonder and awe.

When we sing we have the freedom of losing ourselves as we focus on another. We don’t sing when we know we’re being watched by others. The book of Isaiah wants us to focus on God and lose ourselves in wonder of Him.

Isaiah reminds us we have so much to sing about!

God’s people have been brought to life by God, and have the joy of drawing water from the wells of salvation.

And we can be true to ourselves as thankful and joyful proclaimers of God’s strength and salvation.

In Christ, Tory.


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