Who will you trust?

It’s not just what we say we believe with our lips at church – as we sing songs and confess creeds – it’s the practicals of how we live each day.

It’s not just the big defining moments in life – ‘who will I marry, where will I live, where will I work?’ – it’s also the little decisions each day… ‘how will I spend my time and money, will I read the Bible and pray today, will I come to church today, and how will I treat others today?’

Each decision shows in whom your trust is placed. Trust, or faith (same thing), encompasses all of life.

Isaiah’s challenge to the people of Judah in 8th Century BC was: ‘Who will you trust?’

He encourages his hearers to ‘stand firm in your faith in the LORD, or you will not stand at all’ (Isaiah 7:9). He calls them to join the faithful remnant, whom will survive by trusting God.

Let’s pray for one another to stand firm in our faith in the LORD; and that our lips and lives encourage others to ‘Come join the remnant!’

In Christ, Tory.


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