Anger management

Anger is a problem that left unchecked is deadly. As we consider forgiveness and anger, here are some tips to help manage anger. If you want further explanation, check out the sermon for this week under the ‘Bible talks’ tab above.

Admit to being angry

Make peace (Matthew 5:23–26; Romans 12:18)

Take to heart & mind what the Bible teaches about forgiveness:

1. forgive as God forgave you

2. be gracious to all people

3. be willing to forgive all who ask for forgiveness

4. and trust in the justice of God

Forgiveness is a process that takes time, like moving houses. Keep your eyes on Jesus each day!

Be ready for anger! Respond with memorised Bible verses like Ephesians 4:26–27 & Philippians 4:5–7

Pray, pray, pray!

Talk to a mature godly Christian for a reality check (not someone who will gossip or side with you!)

Don’t replay the events in your mind (another reason not to gossip!)

Serve God and others, use your time well

When planning to talk with someone angry… remember calm body language and lots of ‘I’ statements

Get help! See a counselor. There is no shame in getting professional help if you are stuck in a sinful pattern. I’m happy to make recommendations.

Beat anger so that it doesn’t beat you!

In Christ, Tory.


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