No Turning Back to The Law

The gospel is the difference between life and death. Those who accept God’s offer of life in Jesus are free from the rule of law, sin, and death. That’s what we’ve read in Romans 5–7.

We have been released from what bound us. And so it would make no sense to turn back to the old life of law, sin, and death. Now we belong to Jesus, and so are free to serve in the Spirit.

That doesn’t mean the Law is the problem, in fact, it’s holy, righteous, and good. The problem is our sin. Law can show us our sin, but it can’t deal with it. The Law can not save us from sin.

Only Jesus can. And so the Apostle Paul encourages us to remember we belong to Jesus, the one who can save us. Let’s encourage each other in the freedom and life we share in Jesus.

What are ways you can do that this week?

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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