How do we support those sent out with ‘Beautiful Feet’?!

Today is Beautiful Feet Sunday, a day we stop to think about our part in God’s world-wide mission. The mission agency we support is the Church Missionary Society (CMS), and you can give online to their work or find out more about Beautiful Feet Sunday at:

Here are the missionaries Barwon District Anglican Churches support:

David, Alisan, Etienne (15), and Caris (13) Greef are with the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in Namibia. They work with Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) equipping Christians from Namibia and surrounding countries to live godly lives and serve local churches and communities. The Greefs are helping to adapt courses for online learning so that NETS is more widely available and affordable. David was the Vicar of St John’s Collarenebri Anglican Church.

I asked ‘What are some helpful ways people have cared for you?’ David answered: ‘Here are some things we have experienced: 1. Being visited on location! 2. Being given gifts – especially for children! but it includes gifts to adults, like being taken to a cricket match, or given an Amazon voucher, or being sent a set of Christian talks.  3. Letters, emails, Facebook postings / encouragements 4. Being lent a car whilst on Home Assignment 5. Being lent a home (someone moves out of their home and lets us live there for 6 months!!!) 6. making sure that a home has all basic essentials in it before we move in … including wood for a fire! 7. making a flat / accommodation available whilst we are visiting a parish 8. taking the family on an outing to an interesting place.’

To receive the Greef’s monthly emails, contact CMS at:

Chris, Deb, Katelyn (3), and Emily (1) Bowers are with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Moody Aviation in the USA. Chris trains aircraft pilots to fly people to the mission field. Deb is the daughter of Gary and Virginia Stuart (our previous vicar). To receive email updates contact:

Nate, Jenni, Eliana (5), Lilah (4), Ambrose (2), and Anastasia (6mths) Schoen are with the Southern Baptists in Mozambique. They are in the north among the Yao people, a people group predominantly Muslim with very few believers. To receive updates contact: See their blog:

The Anglican Diocese of Malaita (Solomon Islands) has a partnership with our Diocese of Armidale. Not strictly ‘missionaries’ sent, we want to share our gospel resources with them by running kids’ clubs, training leaders, and building projects. For the history of the partnership:


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