Why Pray the Lord’s Prayer?

When the first disciples asked Jesus how to pray, he simply taught them the Lord’s Prayer.

It’s only a 30-second prayer. If you aren’t already praying each day this would be a quick and easy way to start praying. If you are praying, it would be a great start or end to your time of prayer.

C.S. Lewis said an advantage of set-prayers, like the Lord’s Prayer, is it’s not driven by the issues of our day but by the permanent shape of Christianity. In other words, it keeps our mind on the big picture, and guards us from being short-sighted in only praying for issues or problems of today.

If you don’t already, join me in starting to pray the Lord’s Prayer each day!

…and why not join with others in praying the Lord’s Prayer everyday leading up to Easter at http://www.lordsprayer.org.au/ with some notes from the Bible Society.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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