Stay calm!

Switch on the TV and see terror and murder over the last month… 2 killed in Sydney, 17 in Paris, over 2000 in Nigeria. It is easy to fear terrorism, and wonder where the world is going.

But the message of the Bible is ‘STAY CALM, CHRIST HAS WON!’

On the cross, Jesus Christ defeated sin and evil. His victory was not through violence and terror, but by enduring suffering for his people. His kingdom is one of love and grace; and he calls us to follow in this way.

And so while it is tempting to be fearful, and perhaps want to retaliate or seek vengeance, with current world events, Jesus calls us to follow him in love and grace.

If you’ve given your life to Jesus, you’re on the winning team. Stay calm.

In the short time until God blows the final whistle and sends Jesus back to earth, our task is to focus on introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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