God Still Rules The World

It’s easy to wonder if God still cares, isn’t it?

At times we wonder if he really is good and loving, if he really is in control of things, or perhaps… if he is still really there.

As another long hard year comes to an end, it’s understandable to feel there isn’t much to be ‘joyful’ and ‘merry’ about this Christmas. While we watch the sky, there only seems to be dust coming. It can all be quite depressing and hopeless. Most of us are considering what the new year might hold.

Friends, this is all the more reason to set our eyes on Jesus this Christmas. In seasons and circumstances when we doubt God’s goodness, love, or presence, we need to look to Jesus (the historical evidence for Jesus is overwhelming, check it out if you haven’t!). In Jesus we see just how much God is with us and for us. As well-loved country musician Colin Buchanan wrote (to the tune of Jingle Bell’s!)…

Well if you look around

You’ll see how sin has spread

Turning light to dark

And living things to dead

God still rules the world

He always had a plan

To send his Son to save us in the likeness of a man.

Christmas celebrates when God came into our neighbourhood as one of us, the man Jesus Christ, to take care of our greatest need. It’s real hope that you can trust in. It means even when the chips are down, there is reason to be joyful and celebrate. God is still with us and for us, and is in control. You’re in good hands; God still rules the world.

God bless, and we’d love to see you at Church this Christmas!

Revd Tory Cayzer


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