Is God just?

The problem of suffering can lead us to question if God is fair and just, and even condemn him. At times a touch of arrogance can sneak in as we say things like…

‘If there is a God how can he let innocent children die for no good reason?!’

‘I can’t accept a God who lets the good die young, while bad people live a long and happy life’

‘If there really is a God who is letting ebola virus wipe out thousands in Africa, then I don’t want to worship him anyway.’

In Job 38–41, God responds to Job’s questions and accusations. But rather than give an answer, God takes Job on a grand tour of the universe showing all he has made and that he sustains every moment. Job quickly sees there are many things he doesn’t understand, and will never understand.

Rather than a massive ‘put down,’ God is showing Job that he can be trusted… like a father playfully bouncing his baby on his knee.

Job doesn’t get a reason for suffering, instead he gets a revelation. He sees God can be trusted.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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