Give thanks in all circumstances

Today we join many churches around Australia in celebrating the National Day of Thanksgiving. Each year the National Day thanks a different part of our communities.

This year we want to thank our shopkeepers who serve our community. It’s a tough time for everyone, including those in retail. On top of the drought, the Walgett IGA fire last year has made things more difficult for all our shopkeepers.

It’s important to recognise we are dependant on each other in a community. The right response is to give thanks. Albert Einstein said: ‘A hundred times every day I remind myself that [I] depend on others, living and dead.’ Let’s thank our shopkeepers.

In the Bible, God urges us to ‘give thanks in all circumstances’ (1 Thessalonians 5:18). This is only possible when we recognise the good news of Jesus Christ that transcends all our circumstances. Life and salvation are all a gift from God. Let’s encourage each other to thank God for all he’s given us!

In Christ, Tory Cayzer


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