Wise Use of Wealth

This is the advice you will never get from your financial advisor, bank manager, accountant, or in the media. The financial advice Jesus gives in Luke 16:1–15 goes against common sense and against worldly wisdom.

So get ready to be shocked… His advice: use what you have now to prepare for your eternal future.

Outrageous!!! …unless, of course, you believe that there is more to this short life we get on earth; unless, heaven is real and eternal; unless, you believe that only knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour will get you to heaven… well then, it’s not so outrageous afterall.

When we frame life in terms of the eternal perspective – the main game – Jesus’ financial advice starts to sound very wise indeed.

Let’s encourage one another to keep our eyes on heaven and helping others get there through Jesus.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer


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