Walking the road with Jesus

It’s easy to lose sight of where we are going. I took some friends bushwalking in the Blue Mountains in an area I thought I knew quite well. So well, that I wasn’t using my compass and not paying attention to the surroundings…. chatting away and looking everywhere but straight ahead!

We got lost, real lost, and were soon in grave danger with no water. My mistake was to not keep my eyes on where we were heading. Thankfully we all got out ok… and most of those friends still talk to me!

Jesus says we if we follow him we will need to keep him as our top priority. The road he leads us on is to the Cross; it’s a long and windy road – it won’t be easy following him (Luke 9:51–62).

To follow Jesus we must always keep him as our top priority. We need to always keep our eyes on him and where he is leading us.

Your fellow traveler on the road,

Tory Cayzer


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