Monthly Archives: February 2014

Does prayer work?

A lot of people are asking that question right now. As most of us pray for rain, but don’t seem to be getting an answer, does prayer work?

Jesus teaches his followers to pray boldly and continually. The reason is because of the character of who we pray to (Luke 11:1–13).

He says God is our Father who loves us and cares for us. If an earthly father knows how to give good gifts, how much more does our heavenly Father give good gifts?!

God’s holy name and reputation is at stake, and so he will do what is truly best. You can count on it.

Keep depending on God in prayer. We don’t know his agenda, but do know he gives us what we truly need.

And let’s pray for each other to have the strength to continue in prayer through this testing time.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer

The Good Samaritan

Surely the most famous of Jesus’ parables is the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37). Most people understand what is meant by a ‘good Samaritan.’

But I wonder if people realise the motivation Jesus gave for being a ‘good Samaritan’?

We need to realise we are like the man beaten and half-dead on the road. We are helpless and hopeless, in need of a saviour.

Jesus showed love and mercy to us. It’s only when we’ve had Jesus ‘the good Samaritan’ love us, that we can ‘go and do likewise’ being a ‘good Samaritan’ to others (Luke 10:37).

Loving others in a costly ‘good Samaritan’ way doesn’t earn us eternal life. Rather, it overflows from the riches of God’s love that he pours out on us when we accept eternal life in Jesus Christ. Then we can ‘go and do likewise.’

In Christ, Tory Cayzer

What are we on about?

As the year begins it’s great to remember (or hear for the first time!) what our church mission is:

‘Introducing people to Jesus and helping them home to heaven.’

It’s simple and easy to remember. And you’ll hear Jesus say in Luke 10, that’s why God has put you in this town… whether born here or just arrived!

How will we do this?

Prayerfully under God, we want to:

Build Christian communities in every town

Reach people who face a Christless eternity

Grow devoted disciples of Jesus Christ

Recruit Godly leadership across all ministries

Send God’s people out as salt and light in the world

It’s exciting to be sharing in God’s work with you!

In Christ, Tory Cayzer

Walking the road with Jesus

It’s easy to lose sight of where we are going. I took some friends bushwalking in the Blue Mountains in an area I thought I knew quite well. So well, that I wasn’t using my compass and not paying attention to the surroundings…. chatting away and looking everywhere but straight ahead!

We got lost, real lost, and were soon in grave danger with no water. My mistake was to not keep my eyes on where we were heading. Thankfully we all got out ok… and most of those friends still talk to me!

Jesus says we if we follow him we will need to keep him as our top priority. The road he leads us on is to the Cross; it’s a long and windy road – it won’t be easy following him (Luke 9:51–62).

To follow Jesus we must always keep him as our top priority. We need to always keep our eyes on him and where he is leading us.

Your fellow traveler on the road,

Tory Cayzer