A royal birth in 2013… or had you forgotten?

In July 2013 we had a royal birth, to Prince William and Catherine. Despite all the media hype at the time, I bet you had forgotten already, and can’t even remember the babies name, even though he might be your future king?

In the big scheme of things… WHO CARES!?

But when an army of heavenly angels announces a royal baby is your Saviour, Christ and Lord… you simply must care. It matters not only that we know his name, but that we submit to his rule in our life each day.

Jesus demands that we rely on him. That means listening to him speak to us in the Bible, praying for his help and guidance in life, following his lead in life, meeting with his people at church to grow to be more like him, and spreading the word that he is King.

At Barwon District Anglican Churches we want to ‘introduce people to Jesus and help them home to heaven.’ We hope you join us again so that we can help one another live for the King – check out our meeting times above for more details.

In King Jesus, Tory Cayzer

Ps. to put your mind to rest… it was George ; )


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