‘Let my son go!’

The Exodus should disturb us – horrible plagues that scar the nation of Egypt, climaxing in the death of the firstborn male of every Egyptian. What could drive God to be so wild and angry? …and isn’t he meant to be a loving God?

The Exodus is the expression of the father’s love for his son. In Exodus 4:22–23, God tells Moses:

Then say to Pharoah, “This is what the LORD says: Israel is my firstborn son, and I told you, “Let my son go, so he may worship me.” But you refused to let him go; so I will kill your firstborn son.”

‘Firstborn son’ is a statement of how close God truly is to his people. Yet as we will see through Exodus, and know from our own life, God’s people continually go their own way. This makes God angry and heartbroken – he is jealous for what is best for his people.

The Bible is the story of God restoring relationship with his people. In the New Testament, God says of Jesus: ‘This is my Son, whom I love’ (Matt 3:17).

Jesus Christ is the new Israel. Ancient Israel is sinful, but God forgives. Christ the new Israel is without sin, but is the object of God’s anger on the Cross.

We are God’s son, the new Israel, only because Christ is God’s first and we have relationship with him. God’s love and jealousy ought to disturb us, but this has all been done so that we may worship and serve our Father!

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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