Setting out on the Exodus

I’m excited about the journey we start today at Walgett and Collarenebri Churches in Exodus. Arguably, you cannot understand the grand story of God’s rescue mission for the world without understanding this OT book.

But how do we read such an epic book today?

Is it just history… spectacular events that happened over 3000 years ago on the other side of the planet so that we can fill our heads with history and facts… but not love the God behind the history!?

Does it give us just images and symbols… so we can put ourselves in the story and apply these images and symbols to our daily struggles as individuals and people groups… but ignore God’s grand plan of salvation for the whole creation centered in Jesus Christ!?

Is it a self-help book… look for verses that might encourage and give me warm-fuzzy feelings of inner-peace!?

Is it a proof-text… find verses that support what I’m already doing, but ignore anything that challenges us to live a different way as a follower of Jesus!?

No. Exodus itself forces us to read with a focus on our God, the LORD Yahweh. We have to focus on God, not ourselves.

It’s not until we know the character of God that we can have true faith and hope. Then we can journey through life with a rock solid confidence in God.

Because what we will see is that Yahweh will not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of a close and committed relationship with his people.

So the paradox is that it’s not until we focus on God that we understand who we are.

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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