Can you really trust the Bible?

History is crucial for Christianity.

In fact, Christianity is the only religion in the world based on history. It’s not an idea someone had in their head, it’s not a philosophy on how to live, and isn’t based on a book that ‘fell from heaven’.

Christianity is about a real person called Jesus who lived in a real place. It can all be checked.

If it turned out that Jesus didn’t heal people or rise from the dead, then you can forget about Christianity.

On the other hand, if Jesus really did do the things Christians claim he did then this matters to everyone. It means he rules the world and so has the right to rule your life.

For the last 2000 years, Christians believed that the Bible is reliable history. But people are increasingly answering ‘No, we cannot trust the Bible.’

It is important that we know the facts about the Bible – what is the Bible, how did we get it, and what’s it even for?

God desires to be in relationship with us and goes to extraordinary lengths to show that he can be trusted. Read the Bible today and see!

In Christ, Tory Cayzer.


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